Tehnička specifikacija

TECH controllers – common functions
TECH ALGORITHM – -the advanced gas control algorithm eliminates the need to prepare the multiplier map and adjusts gas controlling to modern car’s highest standards
STANDARD ALGORITHM – commonly used gas control algorithm requiring setting the gas injection time multiplier at multipoint
Adaptation – automatic multiplier adjustment according to petrol map of injection times
LPG & CNG petrol
Petrol injectors emulator
Automatic system calibration
Automatic switch-over to gas
Automatic switch-over to petrol after gas running out
Automatic calibration of gas level sensor
Automatic detection of injection type
Ability to adjust the dose according to rpm/engine load table
Ability to adjust the dose according to reducer temperature
Ability to adjust the dose according to gas temperature/td>
Ability to adjust the dose according to gas pressure
Ability to modify the flow and opening time of gas injectors
Ability to pick up rpm signal from camshaft position sensor
Ability of permanent gas injector switch off (useful in case of injector fault)
Ability to send osciloscope file directly to technical support using one-click function in application
Visualisation of ECU injections on petrol and gas
Handling for UNICODE – multilingual controlling aplication
Cooperation with standard and turbocharged engines
Sequential, Semi-sequential and FullGroup handling
Cooperation with any type of gas injectors
Cooperation with any type of gas level sensor
Cooperation with wireless interface communication – BLUTECH
Gas injectors heating
Possibility to determine maximum engine load when working on gas
Gas pressure reducing function
Function reminding about gas installation inspection
“Quick start” function
3D gas and petrol maps
Full anti-short circuit and overload protection
Oscilloscope to preview work parameters of gas installation
Feature “RPM signal filter” – *O


Differences between TECH controllers
Nazwa funkcji TECH 104 TECH 114 TECH 204 TECH 214 TECH 304 TECH 316/318
Number of supported cylinders 1-4 1-4 1-4 1-4 1-4 1-6/8
Main connector – numer of pins (see main connector 48 pins or 56 pins) 48 48 48 48 56 56
Increased precision of the gas injection time calculating
Fuel pressure emulator *E
Controller temperature sensor
Support for two oxygen sensors
Support for Valvetronic engines
Freeze frame support
Aluminum case
Composite case
Controllers out of production
TECH – 504
TECH – 516
TECH – 518

*Econtrollers with integrated fuel pressure emulator

*OThis function has been introduced along with the development of drivers. Early production lots do not have this feature. Currently, all TECH controllers are equipped with the “RPM signal filter”.